Time To Inspect Your Career Path?
American Society of Home Inspectors Says Yes


Sheena Quinn
Public Communications, Inc.

Lately, much of what we hear about the building industry focuses on the burst of the housing bubble, the lull in business and the gloomy forecast for the immediate future.  While it seems that these things may have taken a temporary turn for the worse, the struggles of the housing market shouldn't translate into a sense of panic for the countless professionals within the industry.  Rather, the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) advises remodelers, contractors and builders alike to view this time as an opportunity to evaluate their careers and consider ways in which they can build a larger client base or lay a foundation for a future career.

"The drop in activity for the building industry as a whole has certainly had an impact on professionals within various building trades, but it doesn't have to put people out of work," said Rob Paterkiewicz, executive director of ASHI.  "What we're seeing is that those consumers who aren't looking to build a new home will instead begin to recognize the importance of improving the equity in their current home and protecting its value."

To that point, Paterkiewicz says contractors and builders should consider the benefits of a career in the home inspection industry. 

Why Join ASHI?

Obtaining membership with ASHI, for instance, means acquiring the appropriate training to become a qualified home inspector and building a foundation of knowledge upon which to build a solid second career. 

"The skills a contractor learns as he trains to become a home inspector may parlay into a second career, but he's also improving his skills in his native trade at the same time," adds Paterkiewicz.  "Once he sees first-hand what qualified inspectors look for, he can become a better judge of his own work and tailor his style, as necessary, to achieve the highest quality."

ASHI's training program is sensitive to prospective home inspectors' busy schedules.  The ASHI School of Home Inspection provides vast educational opportunities through comprehensive classroom training at one of ASHI's endorsed independent training schools, distance learning opportunities with local community colleges or online from the convenience of home.   

Furthermore, membership in the nation's oldest and most respected professional association of home inspectors is accompanied by a bevy of additional resources and perks, including use of the ASHI logo, widely recognized as a symbol for quality. 

ASHI.org, the Society's interactive Web site also ranks among the most valuable resources available to ASHI members.  A consumer-friendly site, ASHI.org features an audio-guided Virtual Home Inspection tool and a search engine to help homeowners identify home inspectors in their area.  What's more, ASHI.org has a members-only section that provides a forum for members to interface with other inspectors, review the latest industry news and post items on ASHI's Job Board.

Wait!  There's More ...
Additional resources available to ASHI members include various publications, including the ASHI Reporter, the Society's monthly magazine, the ASHI Legislative Action Center and downloadable advertising templates for print and radio.   In addition, membership provides enhanced visibility and discounts on insurance, technical materials and industry events. 

"Membership with ASHI means having more than just another credential to add to your resume," added Paterkiewicz.  "It means having the support of an entire association behind you.  By expanding your skills and what you can offer to the customer as a trade professional, we feel that you'll be better prepared to face the natural lulls inherent in the business." 

For more information about membership, or to learn more about ASHI's School of Home Inspection, please visit www.homeinspector.org or call 1-800-743-ASHI.

About the American Society of Home Inspectors

In its 31st year and with nearly 7,000 members, ASHI is the oldest and most widely recognized non-profit, professional organization of home inspectors in North America.  Its Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics are the industry standard.  ASHI’s mission is to meet the needs of its membership and promote excellence and exemplary practice within the profession.  For more information, visit www.homeinspector.org or call 800-743-2744.