Track Information

InspectionWorld offers 45 educational sessions falling into five different specialty tracks. Attendees are encouraged to select a range of topics during the three-day program.  There is no pre-registration for the 45 sessions offered during the three-day program on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Please arrive early to class. Students needing state CEs will need badge scanned at door entrance.


 Inspecting Essentials Track          

This track is designed for beginning home inspectors (or as review for experienced inspectors); sessions cover many of the fundamentals of performing home inspections.

Advanced Learning Track              

This track provides advanced information covering various inspection techniques/home components.

Beyond Basics Track                     
This track provides information relating to a wide variety of important topics that home inspectors confront daily and locally, and some topics that are growing environmental concerns.

 Specialty Diversification Track   
This track focuses on areas where an inspector can add client services and on alternative inspections that may provide additional sources of income.

Business Management Track      

This track offers sessions relating to the business aspects involved with running a home inspection company.

Seminar Recordings
Sessions will be recorded in synchronized audio/PowerPoint. The synchronized recordings will be available within one month of the conference as Online CE modules on the ASHI Online Learning Center located on under Education.