Pre- & Post-Conference Info


ARRIVE EARLY to obtain additional training. 
  • All Pre-Conference courses provide ASHI CEs.
  • Registration to a Pre-Conference course does not include access to the 3-day IW Education Program January 23-25, 2017.  Each course has its own individual tuition. 


  • 2 day Infrared - Certified Residential Thermographer Class (16 hours)  PALACE 1-2

Instuctor: Bill Fabian, Vice President, Monroe Infrared Technology, Inc.

Friday and Saturday, January 20th & 21st, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm (16 ASHI CEs)

Tuition:  $595 
DISCOUNTED PRICE: Class tuition is $495 with Inspection Las Vegas Registration (Full Conference or Conference Education registration packages only). See IW online registration.

The infrared home inspection training course is designed to instruct the professional home inspector in the practice of thermography. The course provides basic thermography training including: infrared camera operation, infrared fundamentals, thermal science and heat transfer. This two day course provides thermography examples of structural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical construction defects and other infrared applications specific to the home inspection profession. Attendees learn how to create professional infrared reports by image interpretation and the use of correct terminology.

Course Attendees will Learn:
Why and how thermography works
Basic infrared camera operation
Principles of infrared science and heat transfer for home inspections
How to properly interpret infrared images and avoid reading errors
Where and how thermography can be used in home inspections
How to safely use thermography
How to professionally convey findings using reporting software
How to assist clients in the purchase decision
How to market thermography in the home inspection profession

  • One Day of Secrets Revealed (8 hours) PALACE 3

Presented by Mike Crow and Matt Smith of the Millionaire Inspector Community
Saturday, January 21, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm 
Tuition: No Fee
(8 ASHI CEs)

In “One Day Of Secrets Revealed,” Mike Crow and Matt Smith of the Millionaire Inspector Community will discuss how to outwork your competition, including how to make your services compare to your competitors in a way that makes your services alluring and a formula for business success. We will also discuss through your business how to keep yourself busy through the winter months and we will also discuss report writing and even some particulars about business cards and brochures.


In Addition To A Free Lunch Provided, The Topics During This Day Will Include:

  • How To Work Your Competition Into The Ground And Enjoy Doing It: Mike talks about how to segment your time in order to get more done in a day before your competitors even eat breakfast, and how to keep yourself accountable to accomplishing more every day.

  • Marketing Success Formula: Master marketer Matt Smith covers the formula needed for any inspector to make sure their marketing makes them money, helps them stand out and reduces price shopping.

  • Report Blueprint – Mike Crow spends considerable time on how to get your inspection report completed in less time without missing anything during your inspections, how to make your report an effective marketing tool, and the “do and don’t” phrases of reporting that every inspector should know.

  • Brochure and Business Card Makeover – Matt Smith, who has reviewed hundreds of brochures personally, covers the things that most inspectors are doing in their brochures and business cards that are killing their sales, what they need to include in their materials that they currently aren’t and much, much more.

  • Winter Marketing – With most inspectors in the middle of winter, Mike and Matt will cover how to make the most of the winter season to not only thrive, but survive and some of their favorite long term marketing items, techniques and promotions.


  • 2-day NHIE Prep Class with Exam Option (8 hours) BRONZE 3-4

Instructors: Bruce Barker, ACI, the author of the NHIE Home Inspection Manual, and Jim Funkhouser, ACI, a past EBPHI President, and person in-charge of the NHIE question writing sessions for four years. (8 ASHI CEs)
Approved by ICC.

Sunday, Jan. 22, 8:00 am - 12:00 pm Class
Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm Class
Wednesday, Jan. 25, afternoon Exam, transportation to PSI Testing Center - Las Vegas 

Tuition: $100 ASHI Members, $150 Non-members
NHIE Review Course Outline.pdf(View course outline)

An 8-hour intensive review and preparation class for the National Home Inspector Exam (NHIE) will be held Sunday and Tuesday at Bally’s. This class is designed to give you an insight into how the exam is developed and written, an review of the subject areas covered by the NHIE, strategies for exam taking, and practice exam questions.  
Finally, if you feel ready, on Wednesday, January 25th, transportation will be provided to the PSI testing center in Las Vegas where you can take the NHIE. Examinees limted to 40 on 1/25. Exam may be taken at other PSI locations across the U.S. See link below.

Pre-class study is required. Read the manual and guide to prepare for class.

Purchase the National Home Inspector Exam Manual and Study Guide - $99 ASHI Member Price. Order by phone (800) 743-2744.

To take the exam on Wednesday, January 25th at PSI Testing Center, Las Vegas. $225 Exam fee. 
Pre-Register - Go to:

For more information go to the NHIE registration site at

  • NADRA Deck Inspection Certification Class (4 hours) BRONZE 1-2

Instructor: Jim Mailey, Training Manager, Simpson Strong-Tie
Includes a certification exam (administered in class) and a one-year membership in North American Deck and Railing Association ($100 value).
Included in your NADRA membership you will receive: A direct link from NADRA’s “Find an Inspector” pages - lead generating site.
Sunday, January 22nd, 8:00 am - 12:00 pm (4 ASHI CEs)
Tuition: $149
This program will allow the home inspector the opportunity to employ the ability to safely inspect a deck using the NADRA Deck Evaluation checklist. The NADRA Deck Evaluation checklist has been developed specifically for home inspectors as a comprehensive tool to be used to properly assess the safety issues of a deck. After the program the home inspector will understand how to analyze the following deck components and issues and more;

  •  Stairs
  •  Footings and Posts
  •  Joists
  •  Joist Connections
  •  Girders
  •  Ledger Connections
  •  Deck Boards
  •  Handrail Assemblies and Guards
  •  Recognize proper and improper fasteners
  •  Assess hardware or material corrosion

 Review of the safety standards of all (decks, stairs, guards) structures

  • 203k Day of Discovery: FHA Consultant Certification Jump-Start Course 

            PALACE 1-2
Sunday, January 22nd, 8:00 am - 12:00 pm (4 ASHI CEs)
No fee

In this rapidly changing real estate environment, we are all looking for new ways to generate revenue to supplement and in some cases replace the dwindling supply of retail home inspection business available in our communities. While conventional lending has rapidly declined, the number of FHA insured loans has more than doubled in the last 4 years!

As an FHA 203k Consultant you can take advantage of the huge opportunity that has opened up all around the country. Lenders in every state are having to turn away deals because there are no consultants in their areas to handle the projects.

If you have three years’ experience as a certified (or licensed if applicable in your state) home inspector, (or in a related building trade- plumber, electrician, contractor, etc) you can become a 203k Consultant and open a whole new area where you take advantage of your inspection skills. Let other inspectors sit waiting for the phone to ring, you can be working with lenders and appraisers - without the headaches that come from real estate agent referrals.


Presenter Biography: Catherine Hall is the creator of the highly successful and extremely popular FHA Consultant Training System- 203k In a Box. Under her mentorship, 100’s of home inspectors are finding increased business opportunities as FHA 203k consultants. To address an obvious void and need, Ms. Hall has created the Genesis Online Rehab Reporting System- the first and only system created by a consultant for consultants. Ms. Hall is owner and senior inspector of Value Home Inspections, and has been conducting residential inspections and FHA 203k consultations since 1994. Catherine is also the Executive Director of the National Association of FHA Consultants.


Reporting with HORIZON Inspection System

Learn how intelligent, cloud-based software can help streamline your business and ‘Take your Reports from Good to Great!’  See recent innovations in web-base and mobile apps designed to save time, save steps and create professional reports your clients will love.   Create reports in minutes instead of hours.

SUNDAY 8:00 am – Noon     PALACE 6

Register Online Horizon software training seminar

Or call 800-268-7070 ext. 243

  • Commercial Building Inspection Course (3-day Class)
  • PALACE 1-2

Instructor: Richard Weldon, P.Eng., LEED AP

Thursday, Friday and Saturday, January 26, 27, and 28, 2017 (24 ASHI CEs)

8:00 am - 5:00 pm each day at Bally's Resort 

Tuition: $1,395.00 (ASHI Member price). Non-Member price $1,795.00

Register for this class through the ASHI School website

Extend your trip to Las Vegas this January and expand your inspection options.
The ASHI School will be offering the well-known Carson Dunlop Weldon and Associates Commercial Building Inspection course immediately following InspectionWorld. For complete details of this course, go to the links that follow. A professional engineer will teach students all they need to know to get a commercial inspection business up and running.  Commercial inspections can generate up to 80% more revenue than residential inspections in an equivalent amount of time.

Tuition includes a textbook, as well as sample inspection reports, consultant reports, and information on quoting inspections, report writing, costing, and relevant business issues. Note that registration tuition for this course is separate from InspectionWorld registration fees.

Registration and payment for this course will be handled through the ASHI School. Phone 888-884-0440 for information.

Instructor: Richard Weldon, P.Eng., LEED AP has a degree in mechanical engineering and has been with Carson Dunlop since 1987.  He received his Professional Engineer designation in 1989 and Consulting Engineer designation in 1995.  In 1997, Richard became a partner in Carson Dunlop Weldon & Associates Ltd. (CDW), which specializes in property condition assessments and energy audits of commercial properties and condomium reserve fund studies.  CDW also provides commercial inspection training to public and private groups across North America.